Zoe Dowsett

Zoe Dowsett

Consulting Actuary

Zoe is a qualified actuary with more than 11 years actuarial experience in the areas of life insurance, general insurance and superannuation. She has worked in both Australia and the UK with both large and small consulting firms and corporations, gaining depth of experience and insight.

Zoe’s specialist consulting expertise is in general insurance where she has worked on mortgage insurance provider mergers, determining premium rates, building valuation systems and peer review consultancy work.

Zoe has a keen interest in the impact of climate change on insurability, resulting in her research for papers and articles on climate change and related flood risks.

She enjoys designing computer-based problem solving systems, which enhance her clients’ understanding of results relative to their needs.

Equally, Zoe has been able to apply her flair for problem solving to balance both professional and family life.